5 thoughts on “Home”

  1. it was an awe-amazing experience interacting and listening to your poems during the 2015 kistretch festival held in kisii university.As a student in kisii university it was my pleasure to interact with great academicians like you and proffessor patricia.God bless you


    1. I indeed tapped a lot of knowledge and wisdom from you.I have read some of your work and i can confess that it is really wonderful.Am not a student of English literature but i have always had a passion to be a writer. Your work is so motivational more so the pieces which talks about women.We are in unequal world where culture and tradition has subordinated women both economically and socially.Your presentations will help me to look anew at the rights of women to inherit property in Kenya in my research topic which am about to present to my supervisor for the partial fulfillment of my Law degree.I have learnt from your life struggles that the past should be ones point of reference and not his destination.wish to see you again when you visit Kenya.


  2. Hello, Ms. Adisa. This is Alan Miller, from Berkeley High School. You read here once several years ago. I would love to talk with you about another reading. Also, I would like to talk with you about any music you would consider appropriate to share during my teaching unit that features It Begins With Tears. I intend to begin teaching Tears at the beginning of November. Hope you are well.


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