4-Headed Woman, poetry, Tia Chucha Press, 2013

Incantations & Rites (with devorah major) poetry, 2013

Painting Away Regrets, novel, Peepal Tree Press, 2011

Caribbean Erotic, anthology (co-edited with Donna Aza Weir-Soley), 2010

What a Woman Is, poetry with painting by Shyam Kamel, 2010

Amour Verdinia, poetry, chapbook, The Literary Leaf/Deconstructed Artichoke Press, 2009

Conscious Living, poem, chapbook, The Literary Leaf/Deconstructed Artichoke Press, 2009

I Name Me Name (poetry collection), Peepal Tree Press, 2008

Until Judgment Comes (short story collection), 2006

Eros Muse (poetry and essays), Africa World Press, 2006

Caribbean Passion (poetry collection) Peepal Tree Press, 2004

The Tongue Is a Drum (poetry/jazz CD with Devorah Major), 2002

Leaf-of-Life (poetry collection) Jukebox Press, 2000

It Begins With Tears (fiction novel) Heinemann, 1997

Tamarind and Mango Women (poetry collection) 1992

Fierce Love (poetry/jazz recording with Devorah Major),1992.

Traveling Women (short story collection), 1989

Bake-Face and Other Guava Stories (short story collection), 1986

Pina, The Many-Eyed Fruit (children’s book) 1985


ProudFlesh, Riding The Waves of Caribbean Women, poetry, prose, essays and art, 220 pages, Issue 8, 2013.

The Caribbean Writer: Ayiti/Haiti, Volume 25, journal of poetry, prose, personal narrative, interview and book reviews; translated into French 640 pages, 2011.

The Caribbean Writer, Volume 24, journal of poetry, prose and essays, 420 pages, 2010.

It beginsPainting Away Regrets (1)

untilTCW_Vol24 COVERblackname me incant&rites cvr07012014_0000amourleaf of lifeBake-faceeros caribbean




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