Peace Beckons

the peace that i live

emerges from the sand

just as a land crab

that scuttles in and out of its hole

entrance to its home

peace speaks in myriad ways

through sounds colors and winds

in the lapping of the water at the shore

through the steady rhythm of my heart

peace is all that i see

blue bluing

sky skying

sea seaing

nothing needs to be said

breathe and breathe and breathing

water washing sand

sand rinsing sand

leaning into paradise

this is the journey home

the trek where self finds self

and says you are okay

i’m alright

i love you as you are

love me as i am

nothing else for you to be doing

beside self

this is the truth in this moment

taking steps that are not just circular

but leads to a wall

where a window gets erected

so you can see that woman

that you will become

in three decades

and you will look out and say

oh it is you

who have finally arrived


sit and lookout

on the memories

you’ve created

in peace

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