Show Appreciation

All too often we go about our day

DSC05346without thoughtful consideration

to the people who work  hard

to make our daily routine

much easier

the men who pave the roads

so that we are able to get about

with greater easy and speedy

the women who clean our offices

those who ensure that we have electriciy

gas for our car

water to bathe

the countless nameless people

who do what they do

so many of us can move about

with greater easy and convenience

who have you thanked today

for whom have you offered a prayer

whose sweat and blood are

in the house or building that shelters you

who soul is on the pavement on which you tread

All too often

when we think of great monuments

we are in awe of the architect or engineer

but without the workers

those nameless

often thankless masses

who toiled

most with little or no reward

we would not have these

emblems of civilization

so let’s thank

the so-called

small person today

who works tirelessly

so that we can have

the life we enjoy

let’s say thanks

and offer prayers

daily for all of them

and their family

let’s priase our ancestors

for surviving so we

are here today.


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