My Mother’s Mahogany Dining Table

was her pride and joy

we sat there for Sunday dinner

and for special occasions

when we were expected

to adhere strictly

to table-manners

always highly polished

with a crochet dolly in

the center on which sat a vase

it seated ten people comfortably

and we were not allowed to place

any cup or glass on it without a coaster

its beauty was admired and envied

by visitors

DSC05344 DSC05345


commercially important

mahogany is durable

ideal for furniture

also used in boats

as it is rot resistant

perfect for musical instruments

as it is a tonewood

producing deep and warm sounds

Peru the largest exporter


illegally harvest most of

its export

throughout the Caribbean

all pedigree homes would

boast at least a mahogany bed

and a dinning table

i search my house

without finding a trace

who inherited my

mother’s table

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