Ms. Red Afro Flamboyant


 she’s always around

but most of the time

you could miss her

she’s a woman

who knows

what’s good for her

so she hangs low

gathering her energy

minding her own business


but come may

through September

she takes to the street

wildly assured

the strands of her hair

fluttering in the wind

her posture so majestic

she stops cars

and everyone who

passes her


her stunning

rubicund hair

parted in five

the center upright plait

larger than the others

spotted with yellow

and white threads

circled by fern like leaves

despite her beauty

she is not haughty

she like to lime

collecting friends

who nickname her

Flame tree, Flamboyant

Royal Poinciana

she has a sister

whose hair is yellow

but just as striking

and they both don’t mind

a little salt and thrive

even in a drought

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