Oops! Let’s Start Over


Sometimes you think you want something until you get it, and then you realize…well this was not what I had in mind.

What do you do?

You feel stuck. You are embarrassed to say, this is not really what I want. I thought it would be different. This doesn’t feel comfortable. The excitement is gone. This doesn’t work for me. You are afraid people will accuse you of being fickle, or worse, of misleading them or taking advantage.
But you know you did not do any of those things. You went for what you thought you wanted, and once you got it, you realized no, no, no –it is not the right fit for me.

With clothes or shoes, it is generally no problem. After you take it home and look at it on you in your own mirror, you decide it’s not right for you, and as long as you haven’t worn them you can take them back to the store.

The same is also true with others things and other situations. You get to change your mind as hard as it might be. Yes, some folks might get angry with you and decide not to be your friend anymore, or talk about you or call you all kinds of names, but in the end you must do what works for you.

We never really know how we are going to feel about a situation until we are in the middle of it, and we must allow our natal instinct to guide us. We know intuitively when something is right for us. We always have choices and should exercise those choices for our own fulfillment.

Of course, we must be mindful of others and, whenever possible, endeavor not to willfully hurt or harm others. The converse is also true; we must be mindful not to hurt ourselves while trying to be kind and loving to others. We are each responsible for our own emotions, and we should always seek to find what works for us and makes the wings of our heart flutter.

So remember, life is a series of start overs, and each and every day you get to explore and discover what works for you.

Do not sit in silence and suffer or be miserable just because you don’t want to hurt another or you are afraid that you will be accused of being fickle.

Be fickle; the possibilities are endless, and you have the right, and often the opportunity to explore the vast avenues of life.

Enjoy the journey and keep checking in with yourself.

Frequently ask yourself: Is this right for me? Am I enjoying myself?

Listen for the answer and heed what you are being told.

Oops! You are discovering you each and every moment.


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