noniimagine being saddled with

such a name –Noni

i mean why would anyone

do that even to a fruit

Noni   Noni

child don’t you hear me calling you

the teasing

the embarrassment

the sheer frustration

i must admit its biological name

Morinda Citrifolia

is much more pleasing

to the ear

and that it’s related to coffee

well now we could begin a friendship

despite its seedy eyes

that track you from every angle

despite its undefined shape

that seems to be morphing

despite its smell that has earned

it the nick name cheese fruit

-although it is also known as

Great Morinda or Indian Mulberry-

allegedly it’s good for you

perennial and yielding multiple fruits

it begins green then turns yellow

and is almost white when ripe

it sustains many during famine

and is eaten raw or cooked

just add a little salt to enhance the taste


the Chinese use it to eliminate

impotency as well as treat abdominal pain

it has been rediscovered as the lasted remedy

to reduce inflammation and acne

no matter its origin or medicinal might

i think it should be renamed

maybe Stumped Toe or

Remember to Gargle or

Just Give Me a Break


Noni you can find it

almost everywhere in St Croix

ignored by many

avoided by most

but treasured by those

astute to homeopathic remedies

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