A Special Breed -St Croix Sheep

sheepJimmy said

they were crying

tears running down

their faces

these sweet gentle

sheep that looked on

huddled in dismay

as a stray dog attacked and killed

two of their members



white hair with a smooth coat

that does not require shearing

hornless and hardy

they resist parasite

and similar to the people

of this region they are a hybrid


between West African and

European wooled sheep

brought about two hundred years

after the first enslaved Africans

their manure proved

valuable to sugar production

known to be very fertile

ewes often breed twice yearly

yielding twins

occasionally quadruplets

great rummagers

they are better than lawnmowers

oversee land management


as lamb to consume

their meat is prized

smaller bones/less fat


in an ideal world

a flock of sheep

peaceful and harmless

grazing and wandering

all the live-long day

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