The Music of Poetry: One Single Rose aka Rosemarie Wilson

IMG_0239Known to some as Rosemarie Wilson, but known to most in the poetry world as One Single Rose, Wilson has performed her self-esteem, motivational spoken-word poetry in thirteen states and four countries to date. She can be considered an ambassador of Detroit, her home-state, that she endorses and represents proudly.

Speaking about her development as a poet, One Single Rose says, “I’ve always had a love for words and books.  As a child, when my mom would take me shopping, instead of running towards toys I’d run to the bookshelves.  I’ve been writing poetry since the second grade when I won my very first poetry contest.  In adulthood, I picked up my pen once again writing songs, but the journey poetry is paving for my life is continually amazing.”

And amazing indeed, as this past August, One Single Rose attending the Kistrech Poetry festival, her first trip to Africa, the motherland, “but not my last,” she beams, adding, “I am forever grateful to the Kistrech Poetry Festival for selecting me as a spoken word performer in the 2015 festival.”

An incredible singer and performer, combing music and words, One Single Rose was a hit with students.

As a child, One Single Rose’s was taught “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all,” and this is reflected in her overall attitude, and defines the content of her poetry.   Asked, what she took away from the festival, and Kenya in general, One Single Rose, offered some insightful observations.

“Sometimes we tend to fear what we don’t understand.  Prior to traveling to Kenya, I was warned about not doing this or that, not to go here or there by people who had never traveled to that part of the world.  Kenya is a beautiful country with beautiful people and a rich history.  Some areas in Kenya don’t have all of the bells and whistles that we have in the United States, but the people are happy.  Children don’t have school books, running water, flushing toilets or electricity, but they’re bilingual and are very well educated.  Some things we take for granted would be luxuries in Kenya.

“I have learned not to judge books by their covers without first reading a few pages.  Poets and writers share a common bond—love for the word.  I learned a lot from the poets who participated in the Kistrech Poetry Festival from different parts of the world about their cultures and their performance styles which were in some ways the same as how we perform in the United States.   Watching and learning from the poets who mentored during the festival made me even more aware of this fact –we are similar and connected.”

Her poem below is an example of her message, but you have to see One Single Rose in performance to truly experience her poetry.

As One

At first sight, we knew we’d come together as one.

Slowly becoming acquainted until comfort set in,

Appreciative of time taken to learn one another.

Everything gazed upon is loved from head to toe:

Smiles that make the spine chill as the interior froths;

Mental challenges forcing contemplation;

Ears that hear speech emitted by motion . . .

Every second is precious—never taken for granted.

Our dreams become reality.

Met at the right place and time when loving is easy,

Making persistent strides to continue as one.

Together composing romantic volumes of non-fiction,

Deleting final chapters.

There’s no end in sight.

©2009- All Rights Reserved

Rosemarie Wilson aka One Single Rose


For more information on One Single Rose visit her websites: ; One Single Rose | Poetry, Prose and Song


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