DSC03108If you had feet, but no toes, would you be able to walk?

Sure you could; your balance would be thrown off, but you could be fitted

with prothesis, and with practice, regain balance and mobility.

Toes are essential to your balance, and are in no way superfluous.

You wiggle them, and you can also use them to grasp and pick up things;

some women paint their toenails, and they are essential to ballerinas.

Would you be willing to have your toes amputated?
I think not.

Yet many people are willing to deny themselves emotional freedom

as they refuse to release old wrongs.

Well you might want to rethink your position.

Forgiveness is to emotional freedom what toes are to feet.

So how sturdy is your emotional balance?

If you feel wobbly and you’re unable to gain stride

then check in with yourself and see who is on your

list to forgive, and always, always begin with yourself.


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