You Are Competent/You Have All the Know-How

Often, when we are faced with a new project or idea, one of our first concerns is whether or not we are competent, or have the skills necessary to accomplish the task.

DSC03709I use my own life as an example.  I never say no, which is how I got my first teaching job, designing a course I had never taught before, about people, many of whom I had not heard about before, and on a topic/subject about which I was only cursory familiar.

I was always just one step ahead of the students. It was the hardest I ever worked, researching and learning what I did not in a short period of time. But at the end of the semester, I had one of the highest evaluations for the semester.  Saying yes secured me a full time contract the following semester. And just this week, a former student of that class 30 years ago, told me it was one of the best in her college career.  Having said yes, I was not about to fail.

Since then I have said yes to  things that have come  my way and learned as I went along,  happy for the opportunity and knowledge I gleaned along the way.  I wrote about things that were not on my mind, but honored the request and in the process was rewarded.

This is how I raised my children to say yes to whatever opportunities that come their way and learn as they go along.

The truth is, everything that comes our way is an opportunity for growth and expansion so why turn away out of fear.  You don’t have to know until you need to know, and as long as you are willing to try and learn there will be a teacher and/or guide present to help you along the way. And if there isn’t anyone, it is because you are capable of figuring it out on your own.

Remember, You are Competent and Have all that you need to do whatever comes your way, so before you say No or make excuses why not, just step into the Possibility and expand your horizon.

Thank You LaRhonda.

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