Silence Needs to be Present

The older I get, the more  I crave silence, and the more impatient I get with mindless talking, and people rehashing the same story ad nauseam.

DSC03994There is hardly any public spaces where I can go and am not bombarded with chatter and noise, people talking loudly, sharing their personal business on cell phones,  TV blasting the latest disaster, ceaseless and continuous babble.

I go to the spa and am soaking in the hot tub and people are there chatting away, nothing of importance, but filling the space because they are afraid to be quiet and listen to their inner minds. I am not interested in having a conversation while I am being massaged, and if there must be music ask my preference.

I am demanding that in all public spaces their are quiet zones, where talking in not allowed just like how smoking is not allowed –at airports, at spas, on various walking paths.

Maybe it’s because I am a writer and there are all these characters inside my head forever vying  for my attention, and I can’t hear then unless I am quiet.

Maybe it’s because I think people should only speak when they have something important to say.

Maybe there is too much babble garbage in the world and I want to be spared such exposure.

Maybe because I do believe silence is golden and should be practiced regularly.

Maybe because I deserve down time to think and commune with  my divide self.DSC03999

Turn off your chatter.

Get to know yourself.

Enjoy the silence.



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