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We Watch For It


one of the lilies

bloomed yesterday

two days ago

it was tight

and folded in on itself

but it woke up


the sun

feeling proud

and wanting

to show off its

delicate lacy dress

it promenaded

all day

but like any

well brought up child

as soon as dusk fell

it turned around

folded its


and dipped

down into the


home safe

I watch for this

and other splendors

of nature

that massage my heart

and plant a smile

on my face

i would not want

to imagine a life

without the timely

blooming of flowers


Simple Things

DSC05736 more often than not

it is the simple unexpected

things or rather

the complex amazing things

that happen in nature

that literally cause

one to stop in one’s track

to stand in admiration

at this simple occurrence

a rainbow after a needed

shower of rain

the constellation of

colors or

the myriad shades of blues

in the ocean someone wants

to collect

to take home in bottles


any everyday event

that is not ordinary

so we pause

to admire the world

we inhabit

seeing it as if for the first time





the sea the sky

and the life that

happens in between