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A Little Goes A long Way

Small steps

eventually lead to the topIMG_3571

while if you wait until

you can take one giant step

you might pull a muscle

rip your pants

or slip and fall

Do not loose sight

of your dream

be mindful

life seldom

happens in one giant leap

like anything else such as

building  a house

you must lay the foundation

before you can erect walls

because you are wise

you know a little

goes a  long way


so daily take a step

towards the legacy

you intend to leave…

The Thrashing Sea

She is the woman

who fans my feet

when I swim

She buoys me

Calms my mind

Soothes my body

sea2 sea3adisa15

She is the history of

the middle passage

taking those of us who

decided to endure the journey

to safety

She is the protector

of fishermen

holding her breath when

they cast their nets

being invisible wings

when they dive into her belly


She regulates the

sea and women’s cycle

spawning the next generation

to live out their dreams

She is water-ocean

vigorous and energizing

the head of yesterday

and the tail of tomorrow