Inside the limitless expanse of love

Are the roots of thankfulness


A father whose seed spawned you

A mother whose womb sheltered you


Compassionate breath of the creator

that spat you fully ready and unique


A family biological and/or fashioned

That allows you to be and affirms your essence


What more do you need to know?

What more gifts must be thrown at your feet?


You are the only one we have been

Awaiting to say yes to you   to us   to all the is promising


Love is not a vacuum or an ending

It is the vessel in which you will find a full storehouse


Today I accept and acknowledge my privilege

And am thankful that at one time I thought myself



Thought I lived in lack

Misjudged the love that has always been there

In the wind   in the smile   in the kinds words that I couldn’t hear

As I went seeking it from someone else from some nonexistent place


Today I accept and celebrate my dispensation

Knowing that in love the only rule and authority

Is the heartspace

From where and into which I return again and again

Grateful for the wealth of my life

Thankful that I know love

Thankful that I am love

Thankful that love invites me to bathe and dress

In its ornament and wear it as my armor

That love is the only house I need

To be the benefactor who ushers in the dawn

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