The Sun Inspires

Every morning the sun dashes gallants through my dining-room window, arms, spread wide, a glowing smile on his face and says here I am take me.

He is irresistible handsome, sizzling hot. So dazzling is he, I am forced to squint, but I refuse to turn away, cannot turn away for his alluring yellow face, his crowing aura, his energy.

The sun’s vigor feeds me, and like the plants and trees, I thrive best when I am under his gaze.

I was seeded in a warm place and took my first breath in the cooling warmth when one day was done and another was getting ready to be born.

Call me a sun child

call me warmth

call me vibrant

dress me in oranges and yellows

fill my mind and body

with oomph

let my words

ignite our pettiness

stir old grudges

kindle bickering

destroy hatred

transform us

into sparkles

of lights

were growth


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