Do Until – The Bridge


I don’t know if most people give up just before their great breakthrough.

What I do know, is that to keep going without seeing any results is hard, and requires a specific mindset.

Each of us has to decide if we are okay looking at the ceiling above our heads or if we want to keep going until we burst through the ceiling and ascend into the sky.IMG_2404

There is no heaven above or below. There is however,  a place we hold sacred, where we believe everything is perfect and there is absolute ease and all our needs will be met.

It sounds great but also boring. The fact is every invention was borne out of a need.

Challenges keep you alert, exercise your mind and allow you to problem solve in incredible ways.

Sometimes you might have to rest for a little while before getting back on track, but never, never, never give up — completely.  That is the living dead.

Find a way to keep your dream alive and keep trying, especially when it seems hopeless. Take a break.  Regroup.  Recharge.  Own what you want.  Accept it and Demand that the universe supports you. DSC03346

P.S.  Make sure you don’t miss the signs of success.  Sometimes you already received what you asked for, but it looks different, so you overlook it.

Don’t be the dog spinning around to catch its tail.

Be the tree that owns is treedom.


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