Because is not a reason right, but sometimes, even you are stumped so you say because.

But sometimes, Because is the perfect explanation because that’s what it is because.

You cannot articulate into words, but something in your gut tells you take this road, or sometimes it is just too painful to figure out what to say, or you are tried and weary, especially when your children come at you with their many demands, and their intention is to wear you down. So as a last resort, out of frustration, you say Because.  End of Discussion.

Now, Parenting Advisors, more likely, will say this is not good parenting practice, but what do they know when you have a very persistent child or more coming at you, and you have just done a full day at work, then cooking and cleaning, and something, somewhere in your being is needling you, saying no, no…Don’t let her go. So you shout, BECAUSE I SAY SO, and No More discussion. Go to Your Room!

Your child is mad and you are frustrated and feel badly, but know Because was the right response. I mean, what to do?  Right.  Because you have to trust your instincts.

Because response is sometimes the only response you have for your mate/significant other/domestic partner/whomever.  You love the person right.  Most times you have a good time and you get into a routine and do the same things every Sunday, and most Sundays you look forward to it.  But this particular Sunday you want to stay in bed, alone, and read, and not hear the TV or another person breathe.  But you mate asks, “when are we leaving?” and you act as if you don’t hear.  And mate asks again, and you say, “I don’t feel up to it.”  And they try to guilt you by saying “Going alone is no fun without you,” and you don’t respond, and they probe, “But why don’t you want to go.” And all you want is that this person you love just shut up and leave you alone, because you are the sort of person who regularly needs some alone time to think or just be, so you snap, BECAUSE.

Instantly, your partner thinks you don’t love him/her or you are having an affair or drifting apart. What the hell! Because!  All you want is some alone time BECAUSE that is what your being calls for and you really don’t care if they don’t like going out alone BECAUSE you really don’t want them in the house with you watching TV or making any sort of noise BECAUSE you want this time for yourself.  Just Because.

When I go to Kenya in August I will be teaching high school students poetry as well as other adult members of the community.

By supporting this trip you support a worthy cause.  Thanks in Advance:

Your campaign, Kenya’s Poetry Festival For Youths & Adults: Irie Poetry Vibess,

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