The Father Every Child Needs

every child

needs a man

just like you

a man who loves

from the heart

and whose words

are as strong as

as lignum vitae

when necessary

but also soft and nourishing

as sweet ripe sour sop

Granfather & Son, Brazil 06

a man who shows by example

refrains from judgment

but suggests alternatives

a man who listens without interrupting

and teaches what he knows without

bragging or lauding his knowledge

a man who is comfortable in his own skin

and takes his role as guide and protector

as the ultimate act of kindness and respect

a man who isn’t afraid to admit when he’s wrong

always open to learning

loves his children as individuals

and knows they have to walk

in their own shoe


a man who understands

that fatherhood is neither

a paved nor a straight road

that it grows everyone

and his role as father

is to honor the life

he has spawned

every child

deserves a man

just like you

who knows

and lives the first

and last word

of fatherhood

unconditional love

because you’re

always there


being the example





being the wall

of safety assurance

kids&Daddyfor your children

for your family

Happy Father’s Day

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