You’ve Got This

All too often

too many individuals

and circumstances conspire

to let us feel DSC05114


we apply the senseless language

such as stupid to refer

to ourselves and others

We have accepted

the erronous notion

that there is a

glass ceiling and we cannot

break through

well I’m here to remind

you that that idea

is someone’s made-up trick

to keep you bending down

to keep you in a tight space

The world is large

and despite what you might

be presently experiencing

there is a great deal of wealth

and abundance

you just have to claim your share

you must speak your word

you must affirm

that you deserve

and you must live

from a place of endless supply

You’ve got it

so don’t wait anymore

don’t postpone your dream

any longer

claim it

it’s waiting for you

Put on some eye protector

and shatter than ceiling

(beside it doesn’t really

exist except in your mind

which has given it form and shape).

You’ve got this

the life you have tucked


it has sprouted

and its roots are

strong and sure

Kenya’s Poetry Festival For Youths & Adults: Irie Poetry Vibes

campaigned by Opal Adisa

I have been invited to attend the Kistrech Poetry Festival in Kenya, and it is an amazing opportunity to work with high …

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