Forge Ahead


actually most times

you just have to do it

DSC05909cannot think about

what’s in place

what’s missing

not having all the resources

or support

or even know how

you decide that it’s

worth the effort

it’s a good cause

and you are willing

to learn by trial and error

so you do it

you could sit around

waiting for the perfect time

when everything is in placeDSC05903

when all the funds are available


if only…

all the reasons and

logic others offer

why you should not attempt

it now

poor economy

people are burnt out

on and on

ad nausea

and years pass

decades come and go

hope dwindles

possibilities dry up

and what was a good idea

that could have made

a real difference

is no longer even an idea

DSC05919So don’t wait around

for the perfect time

and enough resources

just forge ahead

and make something


Kenya’s Poetry Festival For Youths & Adults: Irie Poetry Vibess

A Leadership/Training Program Campaign in Kenya, East Africa by Opal Adisa

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