What My Son Has Taught Me – His Birthday Poem


I have not yet mastered language

to describe adequately

what you mean to me

how much you’ve taught me

the challenges we waded through

the growth we rose to

the laughter & joy we share

the undeniable connection


You made me realize

bravery was love

and love was powerful

You know there is nothing

i would not do

for your safety and well being

David (in the Bible) has noting over me

I learned the turn meaning of advocacy

I was reminded of daring

sheer joy        love of animals



You are active/athletic

artistic with a ready smilejaja:sloane

an independent wanderer

who is not afraid to

venture on your own

meet people

be present to

what’s around you

In Egypt you amazed mejajaegypt

by your breadth of knowledge

your protective posture

with your sisters and grandmother

You requested that

I take the family to DC

For President Obama’s first inaugurationjajaobama'sinauguration

Your insights into politics

and the significance of events

You dared me for your 21st birthday

to go sky diving, which we didjajamomskydive

You took to Barcelona and Granada

as if these were familiar citiesjajabarcelona1

and helped me to navigate the citiesIMG_1777

you chilled in Paris

reflecting on time and history


Your quiet brilliance

unassuming but deep

philosophical posture

Champaign is your drink of choice

and you appreciate family

I love our talks about books and films

Love that we trust each other

Love that we take walks and enjoy gardens

Love that you are my son

Love that you’re in my life

Love that you were sent to me

Love all that you keep teaching

me and others

Yes, it is you, all of you

that I love

Happy Birthday

My Awesome son

who has grown to embody

the meaning of your name

Peaceful Warrior!

sholajajashout90jajajasealjajashowing offjajachampaignsiblingscousinsFamilyfmily2tejujajagrandpany

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