Agreement With Myself

About a decade ago I found Don Miguel Ruiz’s Four Agreement, which resonated deeply with me, and which caused me to examine the various conscious and unconscious agreements that I have made with myself.


This last decade I have come to various crossroads and at each, I have had to decide what agreements am I making with myself, with the universe, with the many and diverse people I encounter.

I have decided on ease and luxury in everything I do, and only doing what makes me happy, and only associating with those people who affirm and support my core values.

For the most part that is how I have always lived, and continue to live, but every so often I stumble and realize that I’ve veered off this path, and I have to stop and redirect myself back on the path, back to the agreements I have made with myself.

I have made the agreement long ago, and I believe in all my many other lives, to see the beauty around me and celebrate that beauty and add to it wherever and whenever I can.

I have made the agreement to have order and peace in my personal space and keep out the gossipy and senseless noise of the outside world — complainers– as much as is possible without being a hermit.

I have made the agreement to be as creative as possible and share my creativity with others and, whenever possible to open doors for others to share and express their creativity through the various arts.

I have made the agreement to travel and see and know more of the world and write and photograph all that I see and share freely.


I agree to my perfect mental, physical and spiritual health and to not covet anyone, or to compare my achievements to anyone else or wish anyone, include known or unknown enemies, any ill-will.

I agree to peace and everyone’s needs being met.  I agree to true freedom and justice for South Carolina, for the USA, Africa, The Caribbean (the entire world and all its people and creatures), to all people of African descent and the historical injustice that has been done, and have gone without apology, or repatriation.


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