Pay Attention

This morning on my walk I was so thankful for my body, which I have been blaming for weight gain.


Yet I am very grateful for the health and happiness of my body and for the pleasures I derive from it.

I felt alive, striding, inhaling the fresh, salty air, and experiencing the breeze fanning my body as it sweated.

I wanted to make sure I paid attention to everything, the smallest detail, and give thanks for all.

What are you ignoring in your life?  Often, those little things we think can wait so we ignore, are what can and will make a big difference in our lives.

Have you talked to the birds lately that flit from branch to branch by the tree you sit near?  What about the numerous lizards, flies, mosquitoes?

Are you truly paying attention to your still small voice, to the yearnings of your heart, to what brings your joy?

Are you taking time, daily, to just sit in silence and surrender everything?

Are you laughing each day like a happy child, confident and surrounded by love?

Are you being vigilant that the ideas and thoughts that fill your mind daily are positive, and affirming and can help to move you forward.

What do you gift the world and life daily?

I gift you perfect health, happiness and that all your needs, for your ultimate fulfillment, are met.


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