What’s Stopping You

95% of the time, the excuse many people give for not doing what they want to do, is lack of money.

I wish I could travel, but I just don’t have the money.

I wish I could work part time, but I cannot live on half of what I make.

I wish I could write a book, but I just don’t have the time to take than on now.

I really have a lot of great ideas, but have no money to execute them.

I think I would be great at…but it’s too late now or I can’t afford to switch gears at this stage of my life.DSC05443

When do you stop making excuses?

When do you seize the moment?

You are the only one stopping you.

Many of my friends have way more money than me, and could do far more traveling, but they don’t. Even though they say that is one of their desires.

Because they also make way more money than me, if they did some adjustments, they too could live comfortably on half their income, and have the time to do some of those others things they have been putting off.

For me it has always been about choice.  How do I want to go out — meaning die?

I have always lived by the code, if I die tomorrow, I don’t want regrets to be anywhere in the equation.

Therefore, I do and go now.  I explore ideas now.  I live my dreams now.

I don’t know if I will ever have enough money, or if there will ever be the right time, or that when I retire, I will begin to do all the things I have put off.

I am not allowing money, time  or circumstances to stop me.  I am not allowing myself to stop me.

Now is all I have and I refuse to squander it.DSC05450

So dump your excuses and ask yourself, “What’s stopping me?”

Look in the mirror when you do, as more than likely, the person stopping you is the one staring back at you.

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