Inseparable Individuals

Almost forty years ago, Bishop made the simple knot known as the Friendship knot (also called the false-lover knot) as a ring. However, he was inspired to revisit this idea, and make it as a bracelet when he was asked to teach two high schoolers some basic steps in jewelry

Perhaps he was thinking of his own contented life — celebrating 40 years of being a jeweler, and the owner of Crucian Gold, that his son, Nathan now runs. Bishop says, “The idea of being joined, yet remaining separate individuals,” is the meaning of a mature relationship that is based on mutual respect and love.” Like a wedding ring, specifically, the Turks Head, that he pioneered the technique in metal forty years ago, Bishop wants his jewelry to represent more. “This is what this bracelet symbolizes for me –two individuals who want to be connected always, but maintain their separate identities.”

Bishop is still at the top of his game and his passion for designing and manufacturing has not waned. In fact, like good wine, he has gotten better, honed his craft, and his new Cuff bracelets,cuffbracelet

available in silver and gold, confirm his talent.

Inseparable Individuals, is his revisiting of an old favorite, the “Friendship” knot, and bringing it forward while infusing it with greater meaning for lovers as well as friends.

Because love and friendship matter to all of us, Bishop hopes you will want to get this special piece in solid gold, especially for the mature individual, when only gold will do. However, it is also available in two-toned, gold and silver, which adds a special touch and highlights two distinct individuals; or in silver with a hammered look –Nathan’s added touch.DSC00045

The Inseparable Individuals bracelet is only available at Crucian Gold, and is as distinct as the Crucian Knot bracelet, where feel the love is embedded in every piece they make.


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