Travel is a Must!

IMG_1538I was born to travel and I have never considered it a luxury, rather an essential part of my life. At the end of my first trip to Ethiopia, the beginning of all beginnings, the birth-place of all life, the importance of travel is once again confirmed.

I suspect Ethiopia is no different from the rest of Africa, or even other places in the world in terms of modernity and antiquity and where they meet, collide and separate.

I was thrilled to go to The Blue Nile in Bahir Dar, with its lush greenness, and its people who exist in a world far removed from Addis Ababa.

Of course, this being the rainy season, the water was gushing to overflow, 75% of which is being redirected towards the dam. My guide, a college student, studying Business Management, working this summer to secure his tuition, explained that the Blue Nile was so named by the European who camDSC00404e during the summer when the water fall appears Blue, similar to the White Nile in the Sudan, but this being the rainy, winter season in Ethiopia, the water is muddy as it overflows the banks.

So much to see, to understand, to learn, to measure out, and certainly not enough time to absorb or discover it all. But it was a happy note to end my six day Ethiopian whirlwind trip at the University of Addis Ababa, the former palace of Haile Selassie, and to stand in front of his bed.DSC00710

My goal is to visit all the countries in Africa, so having only visited seven, I have a long way to go, forty-seven.

I often wonder about those people who claim they have travelled around the world, and have only visited one or two countries in each continent – which world have they seen.

DSC00607 IMG_1550

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