Accept all Gifts

This morning as I sat on my host’s patio in Nairobi, facing the tree that frames and shelter the spot where I sit to meditate, I was lost for a moment –not really disoriented, but thinking to myself I am here but could very well be there or there, meaning Jamaica or St Croix or any island or any country in Africa or even elsewhere…DSC00431

It is all so familiar, so the same and yet so distinctly different, and I have the wonderful fortune to experience it because I decided to accept the gift that came in the form of an invitation. I said thanks even though when saying so I wasn’t sure where the money would come from to make it possible.  I said thank you and so it is and will be.

There was a time I didn’t always accept gifts without some kind of protest or  false humility, which sounded like, “You really didn’t need to…” What was that all about? False manners taught and accepted without question.  What an insult!  I now apologize to all whom I made such remarks.

Thank you is the only response even when the gift is not something you need or like.

Thank you.  Thank you for your thoughtfulness.  Thank you for caring.  Thanks you for taking the effort.

Thank you.  Period.

All gifts are about both the giver and you the receiver, and it sets an abundance flow into the universe that benefits all.

So accept the gift and travel from St Croix to Ethiopia, then push further east to Kenya and on the way you wiDSC00519ll be gifted familiar flowers and lovely little girls whose sharing stamps laughter on your heart.

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