Recognizing The Ones Who Will Make a Difference

 The plain truth is that not every child is the future even when they are loved and protected and live in an environment that has resources to provide them with a good education and opportunities.

DSC01604 DSC01607

The sad truth is that this is not the reality for the majority of the children of the world who lack basic needs such as running water and electricity, who have no access to medical or dental care, who have a slim hold and outlet for educational advancement, whose parents, despite their hard and industrious efforts, can barely eek out a living.

The wonderful truth is that despite all these odds there are numerous children all over the world determined and imbued with self-confidence that defies the odds.

What distinguishes these children?

From where do they harvest their zeal?

What allows them to continue, forever scaling hurdles, sprinting around ditches, moving resolutely towards being more than.

If I had the answer, then I would sell and bequeath it to all children.

If the answer was simple and apparent, it could be replicated and when we say children are the future we would know that means all children.

If it were that the ones who make it were only those loved and cared for we could see that is where the work begins.

But transcending one’s lot to rise above the others is in some ways mysterious– enigmatic.

Yet, luckily some children just have what it takes, it is in their eyes, the way they hold their heads, the gait of their walk, the clarity of their eyes, the assurance of their smiles.

I know these children. I see them everywhere and I saw them in Kisii, Kenya, among their peers and family, on the roads, and at schools.

Even among all the rest vying for the camera, peering out curiously at me, these faces, their eyes, their spirits foretold: watch me, pay attention, I will not be deterred, I will not be turned back, I will be the one!


I am the one you have been waiting for and I will help to turn the tide of opportunity for others.DSC01554IMG_1949

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