Pick Up Yourself

DSC02517there you are

living your life

doing what you know

afraid to answer

the knocking you hear

thinking to yourself

i’m okay

look at the beauty

that encloses me

what more could i want

but the knocking continues

who is that knocking

you whisper

what do they want

then slowly

you acknowledge

the knocking is

coming from inside

your shoes are by the door

do you put them on and walk out

or do you just run out the

back door and why

DSC02512you life has been safe

you’ve been playing by the books

let someone else start the revolution

let someone else plant the white flag

but you know

you can’t stay here forever

you cannot wear the world’s beauty

like a shawl

you have to get lost in the woods

get chased by wolves

running  arms and legs scratched

by branches/vines

you are free now


free to  order

new shoes…

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