DSC02298to whom does it matter

if i look out my window and

the sheet pink reflection

perched against the mountain range

causes my heart to smile

and joy to cover me as snugly

as my skin

whose business is it really

that last night at dinner

i had pizzaDSC02299

crust so thin it flaked

personal size

so large

i will enjoy

two other meals

when did everything

we do become so importanat

to document

to share

to broadcast

look at me

see me

participate in my life

how do all these small

insignificant things

feed the world

help me to write the stories

of haitians

for whom every space matters

for whom each day is a gift

despite the struggles

who have yet to get

their deserved justice

what is the line

of demarcation

between what matters

and the mundane


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