Madly in Love with Improvisation: Aleksandra Markowska

DSC02563Aleksandra Markowska, Polish singer, 2 years ago fell madly in love, with of all things, Improv Theatre. Just how did this happen?  She saw a group perform in Warsaw, “and felt that is was something for me; I’ve always wanted to be creative on stage, so just like that I started to do improv.”  Prior to falling head-over-heals in love with this art form, Aleksandra was a singer, a puppeteer and mimed, and also, played the flute when she was younger.  But she emphasizes, “only when I’m improvising do I feel that I am full.”

Aleksandra loves working with groups, so in addition to singing, she has improv musical duo with Malgorzata Lipka, as Danusi Amarylis.  About this duet, she states, “Mag and I feel each other; we don’t have to rehearse.” Aleksandra believes the easy rapport that they ignite on stage resulted because they sang together for a long time. Continuing, she adds, “this is the best type of improvisation; you have to know your partner, be able to feel each other and be very empathetic.  This is my magical aura – I’m empathetic; I have very good intuition.”DSC02531

Loving being at Arte Studio Ginestrelle, Aleksandra credits “Maggie (Malgorzata); she found the residency; she wanted to be in Italy and invited me to join her and do the project. It’s crazy but I like it.” Aleksandra is pleased to have some time to spend working on the project, discovering as they work together, what it will be. Aleksandra chimes, “I’m very happy to be here; I’ve met great, powerful women from all over the world, and the place is magical, calm, full of inspiration. I saw scorpion, for the first time saw figs growing on the tree. I really like being here, breathing the air, and the water here is so great to drink and take a shower. I feel like I’m in paradise…nature is beautiful.”

Aleksandra hopes that their stay at the residency will propel their project further and make it fuller. Their goal this fall is to begin performing twice month in Warsaw. She remarks that whenever they performed in the past, “people loved it!” DSC02543

To learn more about Aleksandra Markowska, visit her on Facebook:

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