Our Pot of Gold

IMG_0556.JPGOur lives are precious and invaluable, and there is so much more that we each can do for ourselves as well as for others.

Forget about old hurts and grudges.  Give them to the earth to be transformed into compost.

Banish the naysayers from your head.

There is really nothing you cannot do.  If you think or dream it, it is possible.

Welcome the builders and cheers in your life.  Welcome those who say yes to your projects and those who say I have an idea how you can achieve them, let me help you. Say yes to help and assistance it is a form of strength.

Welcome community because it is really true that it takes a team to make many amazing projects happen.

Call up an old relative or a friend and apologize even though you are sure you were not the one who caused the infraction.

Promise to do something small daily for the world, and that might just be to do you to the best of your ability and smile and applaud yourself.

The world needs our love.  The world feeds on our joy.  The world rejoices about our creativity.  The world really, truly says yes to you just as you are.


Here!  Let’s share this pot of gold.


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