Grow To Eat

unnamed-1I am not new to growing.  As far back as I can remember to my childhood all the people around me grew things.

My mother comes from Flemstead a rural village in St James, and her people were farmers.  Although my mother left there and was reared in Kingston from the age of 10, she also grew things.  It was not unusual for people of my mother’s generation to grow things.

I tend a garden of flowers and herbs and vegetables from watching my mother. I have introduced my children to growing, and am happy to say my daughters have taken this on even though they don’t have a yard. I am always thrilled when I go to my garden and see what I have produced.  I am even more thrilled when I eat it as I know it is free from pesticide and it is healthy. Here I have Bak Choy that I have grown.  Red callalloo, yes red the first for me; I’ve also planted green, and kale, herbs, beans and peas, pineapples, cane and banana…each day I learn more and expand for myself and my relatives and friends.

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