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Sharing Your Gift

Although it is a cliche, it is also a fundamental true:

We all have a talent to share.DSC03730

What do you enjoy?

What makes your heart soar?

What puts a smile on your face?
When do you feel your best, your strongest, most at ease.

For me that remains the classroom — it has always been my stage — and sharing my work with others.

Yesterday one of my students gave me the greatest gift: She said I was such an inspiration and that I should go around and motivate young people, college students, about life and the world.

I love my life.  Each day gets better and better.

While there are many things that I still want to accomplish and seek the resources that would support this, I continue optimistically, daily.

Each day, I love the life I live.

I love where ever I am.

I love the people I encounter.

I am thankful that I am in such a great place in life.

I love the trees and flowers and birds and the natural environment that surrounds me.

I see all the minute beauty.

Yes, I am a motivator and I will continue to inspire!

Enter Your Cacoon

perhaps today

is the day you feel

out of sorts

DSC05057there is a glow

but there is darkness too


you want to stay in bed

with the covers over you head

you should curl up and read

have someone bring you tea

tell the mosquitoes

to leave you alone

fling caution to the wind

but be cautious

especially with your words

today is not a day

you can be your usual chirpy self

you don’t want to help fix

anyone today

today you need fixing

you need someone

to be there for you

to say

here i am

i’m your super hero

i will make it all happen

for you

i believe in your dreams

i am your patron

your personal cheering club

you godmother with a magic wand

and everything you want happens


not tomorrow

or in the some vague

distant future

today you don’t feel


or positive

or even about changing your mind

today you are in the dumps

and want to stay there

no pep talk

no new age guru

just you and the dumps

feeling like these stonesDSC05059

chipped and hard on soft soles

you believe no one gets you

no one understands how much

you want or why you want so much

or how tired you are of always trying

today you want to be left alone

to stay in bed

find a dark corner

where you can hide

no light

no noise

no thank you

no thank you

today it’s okay

to be out of sorts

a little needy


today the blue sky

does not make you happy

you are hiding

in the bush