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Sharing Your Gift

Although it is a cliche, it is also a fundamental true:

We all have a talent to share.DSC03730

What do you enjoy?

What makes your heart soar?

What puts a smile on your face?
When do you feel your best, your strongest, most at ease.

For me that remains the classroom — it has always been my stage — and sharing my work with others.

Yesterday one of my students gave me the greatest gift: She said I was such an inspiration and that I should go around and motivate young people, college students, about life and the world.

I love my life.  Each day gets better and better.

While there are many things that I still want to accomplish and seek the resources that would support this, I continue optimistically, daily.

Each day, I love the life I live.

I love where ever I am.

I love the people I encounter.

I am thankful that I am in such a great place in life.

I love the trees and flowers and birds and the natural environment that surrounds me.

I see all the minute beauty.

Yes, I am a motivator and I will continue to inspire!

Soil for Your Roots

DSC02587We are the very essence of nature

and just like a tree we have roots

that allow us to grow and flourish

in those things we select to pursue.

If, however, you are feeling stagnant — as if things are just

not working out for you, then it’s time to stop and check the soil

–your thoughts;

the people you surround yourself with.

your daily habits…

How healthy is that soil?

Certain trees, like mango for instance, need acidic soil with good drainage or it will rot.

What type of soil do you need to flourish and ripen as sweetly and abundantly as a good mango tree?

Chance are, if you are not blooming prolifically, yearly, you are in the wrong soil.

Now you know so don’t bemoan the fact.

You need to change your soil.  Make sure you have proper drainage and adequate sun — if you are a mango tree.

First, find out what kind of tree you are, and the soil and condition that are best suited for your growth.

It all begins with self-knowledge and awareness, then willingness to do what is necessary to optimize the conditions for your maturation.

For more helpful tips check out our book:

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Intuition – Your Guide

DSC03060Your inner wisdom

knows    always

when you’ve reached

the turning point

and guides you to detour

before you

walk off the cliff

confirming what you

already know

you’ve been this way

too many times

just accept

enough is enough

try something else

sit quietly


which ever crossroads

you find yourself

turn within

dig deep

and yield to

your third eye

your knowing self

your intuition


DSC03059to the pelican

who submerges its head

spreads its beak

and secures food

you too will unfold

a new path

for tomorrow

What Am I Doing Here

DSC02277Last night the thunder clapped

the rain sneezed

the cold flail its hands

the wild animals in the forest coughed

and I closed the window and pulled the covers to my neck.

DSC02276 DSC02279This morning the fog lounged and sauntered over the mountain range elegantly as a bride’s laced veil.

I could hear the patter of my heart.  I could hear the earth’s chatter.

I knew the smell of morning and the call of life.

My eyes searched for something more tangible, a green sweetness, contained as the dates I suck each morning.

Moving further, I stopped to observe old tools carefully collected and arranged — an installation — the aesthetic functionality of discarded implements.


DSC02278I am committed to this time.

I am consumed by this project.

I am covetous for the right words.

I pause and stare seeking to reveal

what I need to know…what I already know.

Heading to breakfast, a worm drying in the fleeting sun solicits my gaze

I remember as a child digging for worms in my mother’s garden.

As a woman planting my own garden, I would hold the worms gently between middle finger and thumb and place then strategically back into the earth.DSC02280

Preparing to fish, I would observe the worm’s body as the hook entered its translucent skin. Do fish really like worms?  What do they taste like? Perhaps another time I might fry some.

I walk the path, moving up and down, seeking the right angle to aim my camera. What did I do before these other lenses?  Do I trust my eyes and my memory to see and record?

Like a starved child, I follow the fog, feeling  a hand slip softly into my blouse — the memory of desire and attraction.

Murder and loss could happen here, unrecorded.   How many and for how long?  Who is counting?  Who is missing?

DSC02272 DSC02276

But this is not a land where mayhem happens.   This is a place of creation and reflection

Here in the mountain, gripped with cypresses and olive trees, where howling and baying rebound like a ball tide to a pole being banged by a bat in the hands of a bored boy, there is only possibility on possibilities, a scent of trespass, a longing for surprised discovery.

The mountain heaves. The fog prances and the heart locates its wings.

Around the bend I am reminded of the surprised birthday party, more than 30 years ago, that Pamela hosted for me.

The red reminds me of the deep desire I had for a man I knew was a philanderer  but his skin was chocolate. I was not yet twenty-one, already married and had left my husband.

Red is not the color of desire.  Red is lust better left untouched — not consumed. Red is the way into tomorrow.


Trees, My Ancestors/Sentinels

DSC00783This morning, as I sit on the patio of my host in Nairobi, I am semi-sheltered by majestic trees, directly in front of me and to my left. I feel so at home, so loved, so familiar.

No matter where I go, a tree is always close by, providing comfort and connection to the universe. I love trees and need to be in their midst.

DSC00789When I pause and reflect on all the great and ancient trees, all the trees whose branches provide shelter in the form of homes, furniture, firewood, and what our lives would be like without them, I am rendered silent, grateful.

DSC00784In spiritual language, a totem is a sort of a charm –its power to protect or affect any impact is really based on belief. I regard trees as my ancestors/guards that are always

present to shelter and soothe me from any or all of life’s challenges.

DSC00786More importantly, trees steady me, remind me that I am on solid ground regardless of where I am, even in a foreign land, where I neither speak the language, nor know the intricacies of the culture. Yet I belong.

I belong. I have roots. I am sheltered. I will not be moved from doing what is my divine plan.


When you are in alignment

you look in the mirror

and see the face of

the divine looking back at you


and everyone your encounter

–regardless of their actions–

you are able to see beyond

the obvious

and recognize

the divine in them

We tend to get

what we expect

so if you’re

unhappy with what’s

showing up in your life

then re-examine and change

your thought about what

you expect

If you focus on abundance

even in the midst of seemingly

scarcity more than likely

you will have all your needs met

IMG_3743it begins with right alignment

with the universe

with yourself

with your expectations

and who you invite

in your inner circle

Now is the time

to align yourself

with the all good

in the universe


so that even when

the hurricane comes

you’re ride the wind

with ease…

Listening to the Wind

I could smell the rain

coming over the hill

puffing up the clouds

breezing towards me


The air was crisp and cool

The wind was in full form

provoking the ocean

folding waves and galloping horses

grabbing hold of the coconut fronds

and together they danced

provocatively moving in and out

of each other

The breeze skidded, tumbled, twirled

raising the dress of the earth

tossing leaves

grazing my skin

Oh it was most seductive

an energy so alive

i felt out-of-body