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This Day

today de body said

lef me be

mind says

kyan tink

moved from

pillows to bench

to tree to sofa

an achiness

a floating

an in-betweenness


trying too hard

to rectify


amend what needs

to be left alone

the world continues

to turn

if it really does

jus settle

inner knowing advises

rain nah fall today

Simple Things 3

meditating in the tea house

built in the almond tree

my eyes turn to the bananaquit

as it lands in the fur of cotton

trapped in the lemon tree

then flits to the top of the almond trees

lost among the thick pear-shaped leaves

not even its brilliant yellow-breasted

stomach can i see

but no time to ponder

its actions

lucia feeding the dogs below

attract my attention

as he bangs on the branch of the tree

to get powder’s attention

who raises its hind legs

to the branch and dances

all the while my chime

continues its ceaseless


tinkle   tinkle    tinkle

like a dervish dancer

caught in the frenzy of his own