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Moment of Realization

Although you cannot see it now

there will come that moment

when all the outside noise

DSC05516will decrease then dissolve

and all you will hear

is yourself

not the self

you have been telling yourself

you should be

or the self

you’ve been comparing to others

just you and you alone

DSC05501naked and vulnerable

naked and beautiful

and you will no longer

talk to impress

as silence is really more


you won’t carry the weight

of the applause and recognition

that you thought you deserved

and should have received

you will be content

proud of all you have


honored that life

has gifted you

these experiences

and you will smile at

those still pandering for the light

still spouting what they know

but haven’t truly studied

and you will not contradict

or try to insert yourself

you will just know

who you are

and love yourself

for being you

Listening to the Wind

I could smell the rain

coming over the hill

puffing up the clouds

breezing towards me


The air was crisp and cool

The wind was in full form

provoking the ocean

folding waves and galloping horses

grabbing hold of the coconut fronds

and together they danced

provocatively moving in and out

of each other

The breeze skidded, tumbled, twirled

raising the dress of the earth

tossing leaves

grazing my skin

Oh it was most seductive

an energy so alive

i felt out-of-body

When Love is Right

While almost everyone will readily agree that love is better than hate, and that they seek love in their life, many, I suspect, are not yet willing to do the work to receive the love that is awaiting them and then work to sustain it.

Love is neither about one’s height or the color of one’s eye, yet those are often the first superficial things high on our list.

Love is neither fickle nor surface.

Love is as love does, endures, builds, sustains, glorifies.

Those who have experienced love know that is no different that a gentle breeze that fans your body, or the moon whose glow solicits a smile from you, or a tree in bloom whose flowers inspires.

The best definition of love is you loving you so that someone else can love you, without judgment, without fear, without hoping or wishing you were someone else. Love is its own mirror…DSC03259

Gregarious Poui


DSC05316 shyness has no place

with this one

butter-colored trumpets

scream out to be seen

the bees and hummingbirds

hear and peck and flit


somewhere about the mid

19th century

the name was first recorded

in Trinidad

still today the islanders

gather in the savannah

sitting on the pink or yellow flowers

its soft and spongy wood

is used for floats        razor straps

even the inner soles of shoes


it is believed

fall in love

when the blossoms

litter the campus ground





but so ravishingly beautiful

she is deemed ornamental

south American by birth

she is known and can be found

almost world wide

with long spiky legs and arms

she scrambles over all others

especially when life

feels a little dry

she spreads opens her arms

and her ruffled dress

clusters of three and six bract

dazzles your eyes with colors

purple                        magenta         pink

read    orange            white yellow



you know her

but she has many names

in Guam where she is official

they call her Puti Tai Nobiu

Bugambilia in Mexico

Napoleón in Honduras

Veranera in Columbia & Nicaragua

Trinitaria in Cuba and Puerto Rico

Santa Rita in Brazil

and Papelillo in Peru

don’t judge her

these are not aliases

nor is she a flounce

confident and big-hearted

she spreads her love



YUCCA NOT to be Confused with YUCA



a proud white flower

its head and body

are always erect

protected by

its sword-shaped leaves

that will pierce you

if and when you attempt

to cut it down


known by many names

Adam’s Needle, Bear Grass,

Dagger Plant, Joshua Tree,

Mohave or Aloe Yucca,


Soapweed or Spanish Bayonet

it is edible

taking on the flavor of the seasoning

soft and delicate in the mouth

when deliciously sautéed

with shallots and red peppers


long known for its medicinal value

it reduces high blood pressure

relives migraine headaches

stomach disorder

poor circulation

liver and gallbladder disorders

and even diabetes


most people walk or drive by

don’t even pause

to take it its splendor

much less assess its worth

to improve their health


long ago and even now

among the naturalists

they apply yucca

directly to sores

to stop bleeding

relieve sprains & swellings

and even to eliminate

dandruff and baldness
often used

as a foaming and flavoring agent

in carbonated beverages

i’ve long admired its

unassumed beauty

that says i own myself

and that’s all that matters


as a child

every sunday after church

when we went to the beach

i took shelter from the sun

under one of the many sea-grapes

that lined the shore


marveled at their hard almond-shaped seed

the flesh of which was never salty

i had to hunt for a heavy stone

to break the nut free


some of the branches

were low enough

for me to swing my legs over

hang upside down and try

to catch my shadow


my mother sometimes

gathered the nuts in a bag

an amateur oenologist

she had long been at the practice

of making wines from local fruits

inviting the men in the community

over to sample her various concoctions

she would have been a vintner in another

time and place but this was jamaica

after all and she was woman

black and ambitious and accepted

no boundaries to her imagination

which she gifted me

i remember learning

that seagrape was dioecious

pondered how

the male and female

got together to mate

and who collected the sap

we used in Jamaica

for dyeing and tanning leather

sea-grape or cocolloba

the latter name always made

me giggle falling to the ground

like the brown leaves

that it sheds abundantly

covering the terrain

in this fall that is summer

here in st croix


Madam Hibiscus


she is your regular

kind of woman

can be found chatting


on many roads

perched here and there

commonly stunning

wearing mostly red

like only

a confident woman can

with her five petals

that flap and wave in the wind

her green bud encases

and her stigma

stands like an erect

penis in anticipation

she’s the national flower

for Haiti, Hawaii,

Malaysia & South Korea


if you want favors from

Kali and Ganesha in India

bring them a red hibiscus

before you go courting a

Tahitian or Hawaiian woman

make sure her hibiscus is

behind her right ear

indicating she is available

in the Philippines

children use it to

make bubbles

in Jamaica as a child

we used the petals to shine our shoes

we drink it as tea

known as bissap in West Africa

Karkadé in Egypt & Sudan

it is a diuretic

contains vitamin c

lowers blood pressure

although often mislabeled

it is not sorrel the is drunken

in Jamaican & Trinidad and elsewhere

throughout the Caribbean

we use it to decorate

our homes

we grow it to beautify

our yards

humming-birds, butterflies and bees

love it

horticulturists cultivate

myriad colors and lacy petals

but if you should stop to ask

and admire and fondle her petals

she will say to you

me is just an ordinary woman

wearing red who loves to hang out

hibiscua3adisa15 hibiscus2adisa15