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Plastic Trash

bottle sculpturewe have been

collecting trash

on our daily walks

on the beach now

for three years

we pick up

other’s people

careless rubbish

beer bottles

discarded fast food wrappings

sodas can and plastic juice pouches

diapers and condoms

and volumes of plastic bottles

I would ban

if i were governor

always we think of creative ways

to reuse this indiscriminate

pollution of our environment

large pastic sculptures

erected to beautify

until them

we ask

pick it up and tek it

even if you didn’t drop it

The Sea This Morning

This morning on my walk the sea was on her white horse, galloping at such speed froth spewed from her mouth, her white ruffled shirt bellowed and tossed about in gigantic folds of energy. Sea was a woman sure and unafraid and her scent, alluring, flair the nostrils with its alluring vaginal froth. She chased my feet way up shore and had me running to escape her surging invitation to join her in wild abandonment, to fall into her arms, and her carried by her with horses, surrender to the buoyancy, to be tossed and rolled, my nose full of her. But caution made me observe her keenly and knew she was not in the mood for company; she was raging, delightful in her aloneness, ferocious in her freedom. And I thought to myself, one day, one day I will ride these white waves with such confidence, white skirt billowing, wild, unpredictable to control, galloping on my white horse, the sea my field.IMG_2761