Madam Hibiscus


she is your regular

kind of woman

can be found chatting


on many roads

perched here and there

commonly stunning

wearing mostly red

like only

a confident woman can

with her five petals

that flap and wave in the wind

her green bud encases

and her stigma

stands like an erect

penis in anticipation

she’s the national flower

for Haiti, Hawaii,

Malaysia & South Korea


if you want favors from

Kali and Ganesha in India

bring them a red hibiscus

before you go courting a

Tahitian or Hawaiian woman

make sure her hibiscus is

behind her right ear

indicating she is available

in the Philippines

children use it to

make bubbles

in Jamaica as a child

we used the petals to shine our shoes

we drink it as tea

known as bissap in West Africa

Karkadé in Egypt & Sudan

it is a diuretic

contains vitamin c

lowers blood pressure

although often mislabeled

it is not sorrel the is drunken

in Jamaican & Trinidad and elsewhere

throughout the Caribbean

we use it to decorate

our homes

we grow it to beautify

our yards

humming-birds, butterflies and bees

love it

horticulturists cultivate

myriad colors and lacy petals

but if you should stop to ask

and admire and fondle her petals

she will say to you

me is just an ordinary woman

wearing red who loves to hang out

hibiscua3adisa15 hibiscus2adisa15

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