YUCCA NOT to be Confused with YUCA



a proud white flower

its head and body

are always erect

protected by

its sword-shaped leaves

that will pierce you

if and when you attempt

to cut it down


known by many names

Adam’s Needle, Bear Grass,

Dagger Plant, Joshua Tree,

Mohave or Aloe Yucca,


Soapweed or Spanish Bayonet

it is edible

taking on the flavor of the seasoning

soft and delicate in the mouth

when deliciously sautéed

with shallots and red peppers


long known for its medicinal value

it reduces high blood pressure

relives migraine headaches

stomach disorder

poor circulation

liver and gallbladder disorders

and even diabetes


most people walk or drive by

don’t even pause

to take it its splendor

much less assess its worth

to improve their health


long ago and even now

among the naturalists

they apply yucca

directly to sores

to stop bleeding

relieve sprains & swellings

and even to eliminate

dandruff and baldness
often used

as a foaming and flavoring agent

in carbonated beverages

i’ve long admired its

unassumed beauty

that says i own myself

and that’s all that matters

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