but so ravishingly beautiful

she is deemed ornamental

south American by birth

she is known and can be found

almost world wide

with long spiky legs and arms

she scrambles over all others

especially when life

feels a little dry

she spreads opens her arms

and her ruffled dress

clusters of three and six bract

dazzles your eyes with colors

purple                        magenta         pink

read    orange            white yellow



you know her

but she has many names

in Guam where she is official

they call her Puti Tai Nobiu

Bugambilia in Mexico

Napoleón in Honduras

Veranera in Columbia & Nicaragua

Trinitaria in Cuba and Puerto Rico

Santa Rita in Brazil

and Papelillo in Peru

don’t judge her

these are not aliases

nor is she a flounce

confident and big-hearted

she spreads her love



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