When Love is Right

While almost everyone will readily agree that love is better than hate, and that they seek love in their life, many, I suspect, are not yet willing to do the work to receive the love that is awaiting them and then work to sustain it.

Love is neither about one’s height or the color of one’s eye, yet those are often the first superficial things high on our list.

Love is neither fickle nor surface.

Love is as love does, endures, builds, sustains, glorifies.

Those who have experienced love know that is no different that a gentle breeze that fans your body, or the moon whose glow solicits a smile from you, or a tree in bloom whose flowers inspires.

The best definition of love is you loving you so that someone else can love you, without judgment, without fear, without hoping or wishing you were someone else. Love is its own mirror…DSC03259

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