You Are There


All too often our focus is on some nebulous future

we make plans for when we arrive

–meaning have all the money we need

or retire and therefore has leisure to travel and do what we want

or when meet the perfect person…

So much of our life is about when we arrive

when our ships come in

when we win the lottery

when we land the perfect job

or meet that person (fairy god mother)

who with a flick of the wand transforms our lives

from the mundane to some pumpkin

carriage with mice footmen

But there is no better future than now

now and now and now again

all the life you need and want to live

is now

all the joy and perfect job or time

or mate is now with whomever

you find yourself with now you just have

to open your eyes and see and appreciate

what’s in front of you or get going about

changing it now because really there is only now

yes more than likely most of us will wake up tomorrow

and have another day but you will have missed this day

missed the joy you could have had

missed the love you could have had

missed the perfect work experience

if you just shift your focus slightly and accept

where you are now and say this is a great good day

This now attitude does not prevent you from seeking more

but until the more you want show up

don’t miss out on the more you have

it is really better than you think

you just have to see/accept and be thankful

then the more you want will be ever present

in the daily life you liveDSC05347

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