You Decide


Each day and every moment

you get to decide who and what

you are and what you are willing

to name your experiences and adventures

and they become what you call them

you become and are perceived as the person

you name yourself

who you are and what are are about

is not a popularity contest

you do yourself an injustice

when you play the numbers game

your job is to do you work and think

of one other person with whom

you  can have a positive meaningful

impact and if and when you do

then you’ll have succeeded

you’ll have released an oil well

and your only name is good

now allow that seemingly small triumph

to propel you to more

but remember the more

must always be measured

by the one

if your deeds embolden one person

then there are no limits

continue to work diligently

continue to do good work

that will live after you

and continue to honor

who and what you are

by standing always

in a place of respect…

Honor Thy Self

and all else will follow

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