Delete that Memory

DSC05749We all have stories that we tell.

Some folks focus only on the negative

and like a wind-up doll

they keep telling the same sad tale

to whomever will listen.

I’m not sure why

some folks only dwell on the negative,

what’s not right

what someone did them


I have no patience for those stories


they don’t help the victim

nor the listener to move forward.

Often, the person telling the story

will insist it’s the absolute truth

but every story has many sides.

You might select to only see/hear

the version that makes you comfortable.

Well I’m inviting you

to stop telling sad, victimhood stories

about your life.

Find the good , the light, the joy.

Make yourself a hero

–find the myriad shades

of blue — all the nuianceDSC05464

evident in the ocean and other

things in nature– and speak

those realities too and you might

just find your way to more light.

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