Just Keep On Living

I have been diligent about filing complaints against big businesses’ monopoly, but mostly their unfair, really terrorist practices. And no, I am not being dramatic.

In fact, the banks and the mortgage companies are the greatest threat to the average person who abides by the law and cherish the dream of owning a home and passing it on to their children.

I am tired of being given the run around. They relinquish all blame and pass the buck, from one person to the next, no one seems to know what the other is doing.  Their goal, and effective strategy, to frustrate and tire you out so you give up, and allow them to exploit you and win.

I have been and will for the rest of my life fight against Nazism/Racism/Slavery/Bankism  and other allowable acts of terrorism against the average citizen.

So maybe someone can explain what this response from Wells Fargo Means:

150703 (1485575345) Opal Adisa; BBB complaint re_(1)

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