Life’s Juices

IMG_3719As I was spooning mangoes from the skin, in the second day of the solar drying process, the juice squirted on my blouse and ran down my arms, and I smiled, thinking how juicy my life is, how juicy our lives are.

I licked my arms, and used a paper towel to mop the juice from my blouse, which is now stained with mango juice — a visual reminder that my life is as sweet and nutritious as mangoes that I love.

Then I was reminded of last night, Ladies Night, when I dined with four girl-friends, Pam, Chris, Diane and Francine, at our favorite restaurant, Galangal.  We had a lovely dinner, and more than 4 glasses of champaign, and laughed and talked loud like only women, in the prime of their very happy lives and confident in themselves, will do. Juicy!  It was a sweet and delicious evening. Thank you Ladies!!!

This morning I got up and did my usual walk, but stopped by the beach to inhale the salty aroma, allow the splashing waves to rinse my mind  and tease my feet away from the grassy wet sand, and embraced the mist to moisten my skin.  Juicy!  How fortunate I am to be able to create as I stroll along the beach and visualize what’s next for me.

IMG_3722I suspect you too have sweet juices in your life, but you have to avail yourself to them.

Even when there is a drought or a down period in your life, there is hidden or tucked away a reservoir of juice that you can suck on to get you back on track.

So take a few minutes to find your life’s juices and savor and allow them to keep you steadfast and hydrated so you can do what you came here to do –contribute and laugh, head thrown back because you are Divine.

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