All You Need Is You

IMG_3710In case you didn’t know

–well actually you do

although you try to forget that you know–

you are the only one who is

going to lead you out of the desert

crawling on your belly

to find water stored in the cacti

or buried under the hot sand

that you will have to get at

by digging and clawing

with your fingers

Truth is

most of us

want to be rescued

we’ve been damaged

by the same glass slippers story

with a fairy godmother

waving a magic wand


Bt we forget

we are our own very capable


and the magic wand

is our minds’ ability

to leave the quagmire

behind and shove our heads

into the sunlight and bask

in the cool breeze

We don’t need any glass slippers

as they will only brake and bleed our feet

and we have too many places to go

and are far too sensible to wear such

impractical shoes

plus we know our charming prince

is really just a metaphor

for our keen ability to make

decisions that benefit us

while not harming others

so truly

it is what you have always


all you need most of the time

is you knowing you have

no intension of perishing

in the desert or elsewhere

as you are the tale

and the unraveler

of the plot

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